The VisionGiving everyone a brighter tomorrow.

Crowdheal is a digital platform for people to share their health and well-being experiences to enable the crowd to help each participant find their own path to optimal health and illness free life.

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Working with individuals and communities from around the world. We offer a service that individuals can share their knowledge of how they have dealt with their health challenges, to create global wisdom.Scott Tunn

The Mission StatementWe put you first.

Crowdheals mission is to be able to help identify safe and effective remedies for ailments, sourced from various sources such as the public, medical documentation, a persons own experience or home remedies.
Crowdheal has been developed to allow any person to offer their insight from their own experience for what has worked for them, so that they can share this information to allow others to learn from their wisdom. Almost all remedies documented using the Crowdheal service can be found in your pantry cupboard or local pharmacy and don’t require a prescription.

Crowdheal’s algorithm identifies the most commonly selected remedies, applies them to the ailments chosen and shows the average of this in the data displayed. Our mission is to offer the worlds knowledge that can be contributed by anyone from anywhere, allowing for a global voice, to unearth knowledge passed down from generation to generation. Effectively Crowdheal will be a directory of wisdom that has been vetted and collected from hundreds of years experience, collated and displayed to show the exact remedy that has best resolved peoples ailments.


The DetailsSee exactly how we accomplish our goals.

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    Step 1: Careful Planning

    After consulting with our members and individuals from around the world, we devised a way forward to help better share peoples knowledge. We strategized, considered and devised a plan to offer Crowdheal as a FREE service for the greater good of humankind.

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    Step 2: Team Assembly

    The current dedicated extraordinary team of highly attractive individuals hve been picked for their dedication to the giving back to the human race, whom have passion and compassion to help you live healthier, longer.

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    Step 3: Follow Through

    Using an awesome tool, which uses proprietary algorithm, we offer a service that the you the individual, driven by the team, can use to share the most awesome gift of all, Knowledge. With this tool and knowledge you can take steps to live a healthier, longer life.

Our membersMeet our amazing members.



Crowdheal is a registered Charity with 100% Tax deductible with the ACNC Australian Charities & Not for profit Commission ABN: 94605320456 ACN: 605320456 registration as of 1/8/2015.


Our management team and structure is of the highest calibre. Ensuring strict governance, overlapped with a strong Best practice approach, with in excess of 100 years of business strategy, development and education experience.


This service is about Us working with You! By leveraging on our skills and experience with the tools we have created, you as an individual can help shape the knowledge around healthcare. You have the opportunity to impact someones life for the better.

The GoalWorldwide network. Local impact.

Every person, One World.

We have all heard of a remedy that our Grandmas, or Aunties, Uncles or brothers have used to help feel better. Crowdheal helps to capture that data, information and knowledge for all to share! A remedy that relieves an ailment can be shared from Uganda, to Sydney, Utrecht, though to Brazil.


The InfoOur stats at a glance.